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About the teacher - Niki Dierickx

A combination of passion for rock and metal, for singing and for science made me launch the idea of "Extreme Vocal Coaching": vocal coaching specialised into rock and metal singers, based on scientific research.
Starting out as a classical singer, I worked my way up to become an expert in rock and metal effect vocals with a very open mind and a solid technical and didactic foundation.

Relevant experiences:

  • Authorised CVT teacher

    Niki Dierickx - CVT Authorized Teacher
  • 20+ years of singing experience: from weddings and funerals to cover bands, writing music and doing studio sessions for several bands
  • Founder and owner of Siduri singing school (all genres)
  • Founder and owner of Extreme Vocal Coach
  • Vocal coach at different pop and classical music schools (from 2010 - present)

Relevant studies:

  • Complete Vocal Technique: 1-year Singing Course (2010-2011), Advanced Soloist and Songwriter course (2012-2013), 3-year Authorized Teacher course (2013-2016)
  • Classical singing at Luca School of Arts (Belgium)
  • Private coaching in Estill (EVT), Speechlevel Singing (SLS), Lichtenberger, Alexander
  • Overtone singing
  • Jazz and improvisation
  • Master and Academic teaching degree - KU Leuven